QSS is currently implementing a recruitment process that responds to the nature of society. Many engineers are involved in this project to be an original, dynamic and continuous improvement.

We select the best candidates from the CVs we receive

Selected candidates are required to take tests online

Depending on the results, candidates are selected for one or more interviews (in some cases preceded by telephone interviews).


We involve several members of our team in our process, and we make decisions in a collegial manner.

We rely on algorithms and logic problems in our interviews. We also assess the reflex of the candidate and his way of thinking and his way of presenting (on social networks, through his resume, during interviews).

In addition to the technical prerequisites, we seek a greater capacity to learn and improve (potential).

We treat all applications seriously and without exceptions. However, we recommend that you read our automatic responses each time.

We always want to be up to our values ​​(respect, commitment and development) and the height of your expectations and those of our partners and customers.

To apply, please send your application to our e-mail address with the job reference number as the subject of your email. You can also end an unsolicited application.

Cooperate Values

QSS offers its customers valuable expertise in both technology and consultant to enable its clients to succeed in their enterprise.
The company offers low risk, rapid system development with proven methodology for efficient testing and implementation.
We are committed to offering customers its undivided attention to achieve their needs.
QSS offers its customers a strong partnership to build long standing and rewarding relationships.

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If you are currently running a business and are looking for extending your market all over the world, especially to the African continent, we can really do that. Our Team located in Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Turkey and Germany offers his skills and experience to help you conquer world wide markets. We are also looking forword to expand our market either by recruiting or by partnership.

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