Internship proposals

QSS offers several subjects for Internship sessions from February to June and from June to September each year.

Note that the duration of the internship is 4 to 6 months for training graduation (which usually start in February) and two months for summer immersion internships (which take place during the holidays ).

In all our internship offers you an introduction to the course, a detailed description of the subject, keywords and profile candidate asked.

The only way to apply is to send an email to :  

  • Specify at least the reference to the subject in the email subject
  • Be sure to include an updated resume and a recent photo of your resume does not contain
  • Do not forget to include a customized cover letter that highlights your skills acquired or potential

If you are interested in more than one subject, you can reference the one that most interests you in the subject line and include in the body of the email all those for whom you are applying in the descending order of preference.


Services are at the heart of QSS approach. Real center of research and development, QSS team provides services with high added value in the areas of embedded systems, information systems and applications for mobility.

Offer QSS out by a high level of productivity, capitalizing on experience and customer-oriented approach.

Cooperate Values

QSS offers its customers valuable expertise in both technology and consultant to enable its clients to succeed in their enterprise.
The company offers low risk, rapid system development with proven methodology for efficient testing and implementation.
We are committed to offering customers its undivided attention to achieve their needs.
QSS offers its customers a strong partnership to build long standing and rewarding relationships.

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If you are currently running a business and are looking for extending your market all over the world, especially to the African continent, we can really do that. Our Team located in Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Turkey and Germany offers his skills and experience to help you conquer world wide markets. We are also looking forword to expand our market either by recruiting or by partnership.

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