Corporate Overview

Welcome To QSS

Quality Software Solutions was established in Gafsa-Tunisia in 2012 as a limited company(LTD) focusing on developing innovative software solutions.

The company currently employs highly trained engineers and specialists from Tunisia, Turkey and Germany.QSS is a specialist in Software maintenace
and development (Web, Desktop and security) and technical support and consultant in Newtorks administration and security.

We have successfully evolved its range of products and services by using a state-of-the-art technology and by recruiting and retaining high quality, high knowledge
and well trained staff.

Our History

Though QSS is newly established, it's team has high experience working for their previous companies :
Former projects' manager of Biofata Gmbh (German security company).
Former senior engineer of Safe Protect (french security company).
Computer Science Professor from IZMIR University of economics (Artifical Intelligence).
CEO of Adfat Company LTD, Marketing specilaist (Gold mining Accra, Ghana).

QSS World Wide

QSS is a world wide company offering services and consultant.
Quality Software Solutions is a Totally exporting company.
Our main clients are located in Turkey, Ghana, Germany and france.
We also offer solutions for the local market in Tunisia.

Cooperate Values

QSS offers its customers valuable expertise in both technology and consultant to enable its clients to succeed in their enterprise.
The company offers low risk, rapid system development with proven methodology for efficient testing and implementation.
We are committed to offering customers its undivided attention to achieve their needs.
QSS offers its customers a strong partnership to build long standing and rewarding relationships.


If you are currently running a business and are looking for extending your market all over the world, especially to the African continent, we can really do that. Our Team located in Tunisia, Libya, Ghana, Turkey and Germany offers his skills and experience to help you conquer world wide markets. We are also looking forword to expand our market either by recruiting or by partnership.